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Darante “Dae”, is the eldest of the brothers “Quad” and essentially the spirit of calm of the group.

Known as “the Peacemaker”,Dae has had both acting and vocal experience stemming from participation in the NC Teen Black Repertory Company,African dance/drum instruction under the guidance of Wesley William's Urban Dance Group, as well as various plays throughout the years.  He has shocked audiences from his role as a once miniature, chocolate “King Triton” with a booming voice in the Lil Mermaid, to having audiences “Nae-Nae” in his rendition of Charlie in “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory”.


Interests: Theatre, Music, Agricultural Studies

Hobbies: All things creepy crawly and soaking up copious amounts of sunshine, while climbing sturdy trees.

Skills: Random monologues, flipping his luxurious locs and mastering random cartoon and commercial theme songs.

Future Goals: “Acting or Veterinarian.”

Dorrian “Kye”, The 2nd of the clan, otherwise known as “The Body Guard” has the spirit of a litigator. Known to stir controversy, D2 executes lyrical phrases that could even cause your favorite Rapper to question his age. Overlapping in the theatre, dance and vocal abilities of his brothers, D2 has also acquired acting training under the guidance of Artistic Director, Mabel Robinson of the NCBRC, and African dance instructor, Wesley William's UDG. He can often be found in a free style battle or break dancing in a mob.


Interests: Hip Hop, Sketching, Anime Cartoons

Hobbies: Dance(Poplocking), “Flame Wars”(Excessive Verbal debate)

Skills: Moonwalking, Picking Hair into random shapes or Beat Boxing Anime anthems

Future Goals: Civil Rights Activism or “ANYTHING I WANT to.”

Donovan “Dino” doesn't know the meaning of “Middle Child Syndrome”.

He embraces his ability to function like a Ninja hiding in the shadows. D3 is known as the “Corny Comedian”. Though he has also had training in UDG as well as multiple performances with his brothers over the past several years, Dino can often be found Building miscellaneous LEGO masterpieces and critiquing culinary dishes for fun.


Interests: Sketching, Culinary Arts

Hobbies: Lego building, Reading

Skills: Cooking, Clarinet, Superior Corn Ball Joke Execution, disappearing behind large objects

Future Goals: “Chef , Architect  and/or Comic Book Artist.”

Dokarie “Doc” the youngest of the Squad, is known for his soulful crooning and trademark grin as “Mini MJ” on stage. Often mischievous and the subtle prankster, you wouldn't know it once D4 is on stage impersonating Marvin Gaye or New Edition. This child practically emerged from the womb a performer.


Interests: Singing, Dance, Painting

Hobbies: Basketball, Loving on animals

Skills: Mimicking The Jackson 5, Befriending….EVERYONE, Finding just the right compliment to make girls SMILE.

Future Goals: “Singing. What Else?”